Karma Points

Help yourself and others

Karma Points

Help yourselves and others

Being a hero is not fun in itself. So we thought at Helpiyo to introduce the new point scheme named “Karma Points“. Karma Points is basically how much good you are doing to the community and how much impact you are making in the world.

Karma Point as I’ve said earlier is meant to be the good you are doing to the community. When you responds to another’s call for help or when you follow or being followed by someone, and many more activities will provide you with Karma Points.

Now if you wondering what are these points for, this sections is for you. Just as you earn Karma Points for the things you give, you can spent your Karma Points for the things you are getting from the community. These include activities such as creating requests and SOS requests.

Karma Points will be the measure to be used when populating the leaderboards. Since we will be using the total points earned or spent, this will showcase the most active heroes in our community.

So this being a small introduction to our Point system, feel free to contact us on any queries via

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