Hello Heroes !

Help yourself and others

Hello Heroes !

In this post, I’ll be introducing our app Helpiyo which let’s our users to be heroes for fun.

Did you ever needed something done or getting some help but couldn’t find that help or didn’t know who to ask? Helpiyo is there to solve that problem. All you have to do is ask for help from our community via a request and someone will respond to your request. Be it a vehicle breakdown or finding someone to babysit, if there’s someone willing in our community, you can find them here.

You can also help others by responding to others’ requests. These activities will provide you with Karma Points which will then lift you through our leaderboard. Depending on your place in the leaderboard, you can become a well known hero.

Finally as this is a community based app, we would like to grow our community as fast and large as we can because it will in turn help our community exponentially. Therefore we have introduced a referral scheme in which you can invite your friends via our app and earn points for both of you. So invite others and be a hero for fun.

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